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Being influenced by my mother, I had always wanted to be a designer. I went to England for communication design and ending up finding my passion in illustration. Transferring to School of Visual Arts to study illustration is a life changing decision.


Not only by the school, New York city itself impacted me a lot too. The six years in the city has formed my art. I grew up with a lot of controls in the family. Also being an Asian, there are way too many rules in my life. New York is the city that makes me awake. I love to draw women, I like to see them blossom in my drawings. All those patterns, lines, dots, they are repeating and stifling. But my character is a rebellion.


With those drawings combining peculiar portraits with thin lines and solid black space, the fictional scenarios that are extreme to the point where they become discomforting. The drawing process is very neurotic, obsessive, and full of mysteries that bring by the darkness. 

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